How To Order

How To Order

Information about ordering a glitter photo or personalised canvas

Glitter Photo Canvas

There are 10 sizes to choose from and they are listed in inches and centimetres. If you are wanting to fill a specific area or space, you should use a tape measure to measure the space before deciding what size canvas to order.

You should upload the original and unedited version of the photo for the absolute best print quality and if you require any cropping or image changing from colour to black and white, for example, you can state this in the 'description of canvas' box on the order form. You can request a photo quality check if you are unsure and this is a free service I offer so highly recommended to avoid any disappointment.

If you buy a rectangle canvas but upload a square shaped image for example, there will be cropping required to make your picture fit, please ensure you order the right size and shape canvas or be prepared to have your image cropped to fit. If you are unsure, you should get in contact first.

All canvases include a glitter finish but if you would prefer to have no glitter you can just let me know in the notes or description of canvas box.

You can add on Swarovski crystals which are individually hand applied. Depending on the design, the crystals will be placed in standard areas, but if you would prefer to be a specific with crystal placements, please get in touch; extra crystals can incur additional costs.

If you are choosing a photo and text canvas and wish to have any writing done in Swarovski crystals, there is charge for this of £25.00; this includes up to 20 letters and each additional letter is £1.00. Swarovski crystals are luxury crystals and they are just so sparkly and beautiful. You will not be disappointed with the sparkle from Swarovski.

Personalised Glitter Canvas

All my canvases can be completely personalised as you need.
On the order form you will see a 'description of canvas' box where you should type the personalised info. You should be as specific as possible. And depending on the style of the design you should include information such as the canvas background colour, the font and shapes colours, if your including images, whether or not you'd like them in colour or black and white, the words, dates, any quote changes, and anything else you feel would help me create you the perfect canvas.

If you are ordering a personalised design with any text etc, once I've designed your canvas, I will email you the digital preview of the image and this is where you should check that everything is correct before approving print. You should check all the spelling including any non personalised and make sure everything is correct as once you approve I print, I cannot make any further changes.
I allow for a couple of reasonable amendments but anything that is changing the entire design may be chargeable due to time, so please ensure you as specific and specific with your description of design.